Kilian A Taste of Heaven, absinthe verte

Kiss the sky with A Taste of Heaven, absinthe verte, the quintessential centuries-old drink imbibed by the mouths of inspired poets and British dandies alike. Aromatic, warm vanilla strikes an unexpected contrast with a fresh floral burst of lavender, geranium and rose. Bergamot essence that gives flavor to Earl Grey tea–yet another British tradition–drives the opening. Tawny amber and sensuous wood leave an unmistakable aftertaste, long after the green fairy has dissolved.

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Dritarja jonë në botën e modës.

Zbuloni te rejat, idetë dhe tendencat e fundit të modës me preferencën dhe perzgjedhjen e markave luksoze prej dyqaneve më ekskluzivë të Tiranës.

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